Azur B C.I. 52010 (Azur I)


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Azure, a methylated thiazine dye, is a metachromatic basic dye ranging from green (to chromosomes) and blue (to nucleoli and cytoplasmic ribosomes), to red color (to deposits containing mucopolysaccharides). There are many methylated homologues used as components of many polychrome stains in combination with eosin and methylene blue in pH adjusted solutions.

  • Biological Staining
  • Romanowsky Staining
  • Determination of cell nuclei and DNA

C.I. 52010
Molecular Formula: C15H16ClN3S
Molecular Weight: 305.83 g/mol
Lambda Max: 647nm in water
Absorptivity 1%/1cm Lamda Max 547nm:1516
Solubility in water: Clear Blue Solution
Loass on Drying: 3.5%

Hazard Phrases: Not considered harmful under normal laboratory conditions

Cas No: 531-55-5
Einecs No: 208-511-2


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