Beaker Low Form, Borosilicate Glass (Simax) 5ml – 20,000ml


The Graduated Low Form Beaker with Spout, manufactured by SIMAX, is a versatile laboratory vessel available in sizes ranging from 5ml to 20,000ml. Designed with precision, it features clear graduated markings for accurate volume measurement. The low form and convenient spout facilitate easy pouring and transferring of liquids. Constructed with quality materials, this beaker is suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications, making it an essential tool for scientific experiments and processes.

  • Versatile laboratory vessel
  • Available sizes: 5ml to 20,000ml
  • Clear graduated markings for precise measurements
  • Low form design for easy pouring
  • Convenient spout for controlled liquid transfer
  • Quality construction by SIMAX
  • Suitable for a variety of laboratory applications

Graduated Low Form Beaker with Spout, dimensions as per below:

Brand: Simax
Material: Glass
Graduations: Yes

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