Maltose Monohydrate 90%


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D-(+)-Maltose monohydrate, is commonly found in foods and commonly utilized in brewing processes. It is also used in various culture media in the cell and tissue culture applications. D-(+)-Maltose Monohydrate is used as a substrate for α-glucosidase. It is also used as a substrate for the identification, differentiation and characterization of enzymes such as maltase(s); maltose α-D-glucosyltransferase(s); maltose-transporting ATPase(s); maltose O-acetyltransferase(s) and maltose epimerase(s) and phosphorylase(s). D-Maltose is used to study maltose-binding proteins and disaccharide transport systems.

Minimum Assay: >85%
Molecular Formula: C12H22O11•H2
Molecular Weight: 360.32 (342.30anhy) 
Melting Point: 120°C
Loss on drying: <5.3%
Residue on Ignition: <0.05%
Colour Phase (30% sol): 4.3%
Turbidity (30% sol): <0.1
Heavy Metals (as Pb): <5ppm
Aersenic (As): <2ppm
Viable COunts: <300cfu/g
Coliform Organisims: Negative

Hazard Phrases: Not considered harmful under normal laboratory conditions

Cas No: 6363-53-7
Einecs No: 200-716-5


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