Manual Staining Set, 3 places (dishes with attached lids) and 1 slide staining rack (25 Slide Capacity)


The Manual Staining Sets are an easy and economical way of carrying out manual staining procedures.

Staining dishes are made from chemical and heat resistant plastic strengthened with glass fibre for added longevity, and the attached lids allow stains to be covered when not in use to minimise oxidation and evaporation. 

The stainless steel dish holder allows quick and easy removal or exchange of dishes. The slide rack fits snugly into the staining bath ensuring the minimum amount of stain is required.

Available with 3 or 12 places. Each set comes with staining rack for 25 slides, removable and interchangeable staining dishes with lids attached, and a stainless steel staining dish holder.  

Additional/replacements staining dishes and staining racks available. 

Dish Capacity: 250ml

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