Methanol 99.85% ACS


This product can not be shipped via Royal Mail it is a courier delivery service only.

Methanol is a common laboratory solvent. It is especially useful for HPLC, UV/VIS spectroscopy, and LCMS due to its low UV cut off.

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  • For use in the production of Biodiesel
  • Used in Power/Fuel Cells in Caravans and Camper Homes
  • Used as a Racing Fuel
  • Used as a Fuel Additive
  • Used in Production of Microscopy Stains
  • Used in Manufacture of Formaldehyde
  • Used as an Anti-freeze
  • Used as a Denaturant for Alcohols

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Methanol 99.85% can only be shipped by courier in Limited Quantity within the UK with a maximum allowable size of 1L per bottle, or multiples of. Pack Sizes above 1L can only be shipped by ADR approved courier. Please contact us if you require larger pack sizes of volumes of Methanol 99.85%.

Minimum Assay: 99.85%
Molecular Formula: CH4O
Molecular Weight: 32.04 g/mol
Flash Point: 11 °C
Boiling Point: 64.96 °C
Melting Point: -97.8 °C
Water: <0.1%

Acetone: <30ppm
Chloride: <0.5ppm
Sulphur: <0.5ppm
Ethanol: <50ppm
Iron (Fe): <0.1ppm

Hazard Class: 3

Packing Group: 2

Hazard Phrases: Highly flammable liquid and vapour.

Prec Phrases: Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. In case of fire: Use Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep cool.


Cas No: 67-56-1
Einecs No: 200-659-6
FP: 9


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