Sodium Dithionite ACS (Sodium Hydrosulphite)


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 Sodium Dithionite ACS (Sodium Hydrosulphite) is a chemical compound widely utilised in various industries. It is a white, crystalline powder with the chemical formula Na2S2O4. This versatile substance serves as a powerful reducing agent and is valued for its ability to effectively decolorize and bleach a variety of materials, including textiles, paper pulp, and minerals.

Minimum Assay: >85%

Molecular Formula: Na2S2O4

Molecular Weight: 174.11

Melting Point: 52° dec

Chloride (Cl): <0.05%

Iron (Fe): <0.005%


Cas Number: 7775-14-6

Einecs Number: 231-890-0

UN Number: 1384

Hazard Phrases: H251,H302,EUH031

Prec Phrases: P235+P410


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