Sodium Sulphate Decahydrate (Glauber’s salt)


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Sodium sulfate decahydrate, commonly known as Glauber’s salt, is a white crystalline compound with the chemical formula Na2SO4·10H2O. It is a hydrated form of sodium sulfate, containing ten water molecules in its structure. This inorganic salt is soluble in water and has a variety of industrial applications. It is often used in the manufacturing of detergents, textiles, and glass, as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Detergent manufacturing

Textile industry

Glass manufacturing

Chemical industry

Laboratory drying agent

Assay: >98.5% (dry wt. basis)
M.F.: Na2SO4•10H2O
M.W.: 322.19 (142.04anhy)
Loss on Drying: 52.0-57.0%
(8.5-10.5 waters, 130°C/const. wt.)
Appearance (Colour): Translucent or white
Form: Crystals or crystalline powder

Cas Number: 7727-73-3

Einecs Number: 231-820-9

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