Spotting Plate, Ceramic with 6 Cavities 81x112mm


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Jipo Spotting Plate with 6-12 Cavities is a high-quality laboratory equipment made of durable ceramic material. With a dimension of 81 x 112mm – 91mm x 115mm, it provides ample space to carry out a variety of experimental procedures.

The spotting plate has six to twelve cavities, making it suitable for conducting multiple tests simultaneously. The wells are deep enough to hold a sufficient amount of solutions, which prevents spillage and contamination.

Made by the reputable brand Jipo, this spotting plate is designed for use in a range of laboratory applications, including chromatography, microscale experiments, and qualitative analysis. It is easy to clean and sterilize, ensuring that it remains free from any contaminants between uses.

Whether you’re working in a school, university, or industrial laboratory, the Jipo Spotting Plate with 6-12 Cavities is an essential piece of equipment that will help you carry out your experiments with precision and accuracy.

  • Used in chemistry labs for conducting reactions and observing color changes or precipitates
  • Can be used for spotting and mixing small amounts of liquids or solids
  • Ideal for carrying out multiple reactions or tests at the same time
  • Can be used in diagnostic tests for analyzing multiple samples simultaneously
  • Can be used in microbiology for spotting bacterial cultures or diluting them
  • Can be used in forensic analysis for spotting and testing substances at a crime scene

Ceramic Spotting Plate, 6 depressions.

Dimensions: 81mm x 112mm

Material: Ceramic

Brand: Jipo

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