Sulphuric Acid 96%



Sulphuric Acid is not permitted to be sold to individuals in strengths of >15% without meeting one of the following criteria below.

– Hold a Home Office License
– Be a Limited Company with a valid application

All purchases will be subject to completion of a Declaration of Use prior to acceptance and shipment of order

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Acceptance of all orders for this product are subject to completion of Declaration of Use.

Sulfuric acid is a highly corrosive strong mineral acid with the molecular formula H2SO4. It is a colourless/ slightly yellow viscous liquid and is soluble in water at all concentrations.

  • Lead-acid batteries for cars and other vehicles
  • Mineral processing
  • Fertilizer manufacturing
  • Oil refining
  • Waste water processing
  • Chemical synthesis

Minimum Assay: 95.5-97%
Molecular Formula: H2SO4
Molecular Weight: 98.07 g/mol
Residue on Ignition: 100mg/Kg
Nitrogen Oxides (as N2): 25mg/Kg
Chloride (Cl): 5mg/Kg

Trace Metals:
Arsenic (As): 1mg/Kg
Copper (Cu): 1mg/Kg
Cadmium (Cd): 1mg/Kg
Iron (Fe): 30mg/Kg
Mercury (Hg): 1mg/Kg
Lead (Pb): 1mg/Kg

Hazard Class: 8

Packing Group: 2

Hazard Phrases: May be corrosive to metals. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. May cause respiratory irritation.

Prec Phrases: Do not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. IF ON SKIN (or hair): Remove/Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water/shower. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.


Cas No: 7664-93-9
Einecs No: 231-639-5


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