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  • jm1966j

    Excellent , great service , superb
    2 x 1 Litre Battery Acid for Dry Batteries on Motorcycles/Cars (2L)
  • cpfs50

    very pleased with purchase
    Potash Alum Mordant 250gm (Aluminium Pot Sulphate)
  • lee46000

    top seller good product
    Acid Wheel Cleaner *Professional Strength* Alloy Wheel - Valeting Chemicals 1L
  • saddletrampblue

    good price
    Oxalic Acid Dihydrate 99.6% 1Kg **Bee Hive Treatment **Deck Cleaner**
  • steffersl1988

    Absolutely superb service! Thank you very much x
    Surgical Spirit 500ml ** Shipped Same Day **
  • dariuuk-fzok58

    Very happy with the transaction
    Distilled Water 10 Litres (2 x 5L) - **Highest Purity & Quality **
  • dick.dastardly

    Slow delivery. Apart from that nice bouquet..
    25 Litre White Plastic Bucket Food Grade (suitable for all uses)
  • chelleanangel

    Thank you so much! A* service
    100ml Hydrogen peroxide 9% (30 Vols) Food Grade 100ml
  • inspector8109

    Excellent A++++
    150ml Borosilicate Glass Measuring Beaker (Academy) **Shipped Same Day**
  • holloway51

    1st class item thank you
    Distilled Water 2 Litre (2L) *High Purity - Check Detailed Specification**
  • 3144dg

    excellent transaction very quick delivery very pleased thanks as always
    5 x 1 Litre White Plastic Bucket with secure seal - Food Grade
  • jusdel30

    great ebayer a+
    Distilled Water 5 Litre (5L) **Highest Purity from Professional Seller **
  • dhl1905

    Excellent. Good quality of item. Many thanks. Will visit again. Recommend
    Glycerol 99.5% Food & Cosmetic Grade - Ideal for ECIG Base, 2.5 Litre (2.5L)
  • graphics547

    100ml ACADEMY Borosilicate Glass Measuring Cylinder **Fast Shipment**
  • stevewes

    Great service, fast delivery A++
    Sulphamic Acid 99.5% Pure 1Kg
  • sara0758

    Perfect thank you very much
    Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 1 Litre (1L)
  • gunti86

    100ml Hydrogen peroxide 9% (30 Vols) Food Grade 100ml
  • moosepie86

    Item as described and quick delivery - a good experience
    Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 9% 5 Litre (5L) **30 vols Antiseptic/Mouthwash**
  • beancounter1-2008

    thank you
    5 x 250ml HDPE Plastic Bottle with Claw Lid/Oil Nozzle Attachment
  • rs_rich

    5 star service
    Phosphoric Acid 85% 2 Litre Rust Remover & Descaler *Shipped by ADR Courier*
  • a.mattred

    great ebayer...pleasure to buisness with A+++++++++
    200ml Distilled Water ** Dispatched Same Day **
  • sciencetraders

    All received and as described, many thanks
    5Kg Mono Potassium Phosphate Food Grade (fertiliser)
  • pet1mol

    Well packaged prompt delivery
    Oxalic Acid Dihydrate 99.6% 500g (500gm) Hull & Deck Cleaner **Same Day Ship**
  • ashotproducts

    Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 1 Litre (1L)
  • emethyst09

    fast postage, excellent item although spray attachement doesn't seem to work
    Rubbing Alcohol 70%(IPA / Isopropanol 70%) with Atomiser Spray Attachment 100ml
  • gtr_g

    Excellent service
    Professional Iron Contaminate & Fallout Remover *Alloy Wheel Cleaner* 5 Litres
  • bigus34

    Super fast delivery, well packaged thanks
    Phosphoric Acid 85% 2 Litre Rust Remover & Descaler *Shipped by ADR Courier*
  • tomkirk2007

    #1 Seller
    1000ml ACADEMY Borosilicate Glass Erlenmayer Conical Flask **Shipped Same Day**
  • trinny119

    Excellent value
    Distilled Water 25 Litre (25L) ** Highest Purity & Quality-Shipped Same Day**
  • fleck37

    Received with thanks
    500ml Sulphuric Acid 32% - Battery Acid for First Fill Batteries on Motorcycles
  • annie_555

    thank you, arrived this a.m.........................................
    Hydrochloric Acid 36.2% 5 Litre (5L) **Shipped Same Day by Courier**
  • polytsr2

    Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 12% 500ml **Supplied by Professionals*
  • jimmyjohnston

    Thank you.
    Lugols Iodine Solution 15% (Full Strength) 50ml Dropper Bottle ** High Purity **
  • bobbuzzard44

    Excellent item and service, great. Many thanks, A+++
    250ml Borosilicate Glass Measuring Cylinder (ACADEMY) **Shipped Same Day**
  • judiexxx

    Excellent service from this 5* seller thanks. A pleasure to do business with you
    42 x 15gm (ml) Amber Glass Powder Jar with Black Lid
  • wkendrick

    Very good will use again
    Sodium Thiosulphate Pentahydrate 99% (Aquarium Dechlorinator) 1Kg
  • s1ll2t

    1 Litre Sulphuric Acid 32%-Battery Acid for First Fill Batteries on Motorcycles
  • wentzel.paul

    Speedy delivery, great price
    200ml Distilled Water ** Dispatched Same Day **
  • gm0hbk

    Fast delivery, great service , many thanks.
    Gentian Violet Spray 1% Solution 250ml Spray
  • cd_mod_guru

    Good seller a+
    Magnesium Chloride Flake 99.9% Pharmaceutical Grade 25Kg (Dead Sea Salt)
  • rog1379

    Great item, price and delivery a***** thanks
    Hydrochloric Acid 36.2% 2.5 Litre (Muriatic Acid) - **Same day shipment ** 2.5L
  • fenred2002

    fast del. will buy again A+++++
    Acetic Acid 99.85% ACS,USP Food Grade 1 Litre High Purity **Shipped Same Day**
  • brynmill_1

    Great service. Thank you.
    1000ml Hydrogen Peroxide 3% BP 10 vols (Antiseptic,Mouth Wash,Disinfectant)
  • petersidd

    Very pleased many thanks !! Great value
    Isopropanol 91% 50ml Dropper Bottle (IPA 91% / Rubbing Alcohol 91%)
  • belina80

    Excellent ebayer!
    Distilled Water 10 Litres (2 x 5L) - **Highest Purity & Quality **
  • cptbiggles

    Arrived promptly I will trade again with this seller
    Oxalic Acid Ultrapure 250g (250gm) Ideal for up to 150 Bee Hive Treatments
  • cptbiggles

    Arrived promptly I will trade again with this seller
    Potassium Sodium Tartrate Tetrahydrate 98% 100g *Shipped Same Day*
  • activedirectory2004

    Excellent service
    Phosphoric Acid 85% 1 Litre /1L - Etching Solution/Descaler/STRONG Rust Remover
  • retroandrare

    1Kg Calcium Hydroxide 98% Pure (Reef Kalkwasser)
  • clareelizabethdavis

    Many thanks. Excellent! 😀
    Gentian Violet Spray 0.5% Solution 100ml Pump SPray ** Anti Fungal/Antiseptic**