Advent calendars are a big part of Christmas, they contribute to the countdown to Christmas Day and the excitement begins from the 1st of December. Normal advent calendars are made out of card and are the same. Why not make your own unique and cool advent calendar for this Christmas! Perfect for gifting to family and friends. After our last spin on Advent Calendars using Jars, we now have a new and unique method of using buckets!

By using Buckets, this allows you to go for smaller and larger buckets depending on the gift and finishing on a large bucket for Christmas, the perfect gift and so fun to make too!


  • 25 Buckets
  • String
  • Card
  • Glitter pens or markers
  • Hole Puncher


Start of by setting the buckets out and deciding the contents of each one. This is to ensure that the items will fit.


Once you have decided what items are going where, begin to decorate the buckets. For ideas to decorate, visit Pinterest as this provides lots of fun ideas!


Every bucket should be labelled clearly to make sure you know which bucket to open on each day. Use some card to write the dates on with a glitter pen or marker (or even print this off onto card).


Hole punch the card and tie string through and around the bucket to ensure the number doesn’t fall of. Your advent calendar buckets are now ready to use!