Decorate your home with your own DIY Easter Decorations! Easy and fun to make!

You Will Need:

500ml PVC Jar with Blue Lid (Depending how many decorations you want will depend on how many jars you purchase – jars can be purchased in pack sizes, working out to be more cost effective)

Easter treats (colourful sweets)

Coloured tissue paper



Start off by filling your jars with different sweets. Place the lid onto the jar and tighten.


Place the coloured tissue paper onto the jar lid; you only need enough to cover the lid. Tie the string around the tissue paper to create something like the above image. This can be done with other similar materials.


You can place these jars around your home for fun decoration or you can take a wooden box and place the jars inside finishing with other decorations that can be purchased from your local craft store. These can be just for show or for guests when they visit!