Planning an Easter Egg Hunt? Make it even better with our DIY mini bucket bunnies.

You Will Need:

250ml White Bucket with Tamper Evident Lid (available in multiple pack sizes)

Googly eyes

Pink felt paper

Pink & Red coloured felt balls (pom poms)

Pink wooden sticks or felt sticks for the whiskers

Brown string

Treats to go inside of the jars



Start by decorating the bucket by placing the googly eyes onto the bucket. Place the pink felt ball (pom pom) slightly below the eyes centre aligned. Place 2 wooden sticks or felt sticks on each side of the pom pom. Place one red pom pom on the opposite side of the bucket (this is acting as the tail).


Place the Easter treats inside and put the lid on. Tie brown string at the top of the bucket just underneath the lid (see image above). Using the pink felt paper cut out two shapes that look like ears (long ovals) and stick on the side of the lid. Leave to dry for 24 hours.


Your Easter hunt surprise bunnies are now ready to use!