Did you know how many uses Isopropanol really has? Well now you can go above and beyond with this multi purpose product!

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Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Take your Isopropanol 70% and pour a small amount into a shallow dish. Make sure the bowl is not too deep because you do not want to dip the entire brush into the product.

Swish the brush around, taking care the barrel of the brush does not get wet. You will start to notice makeup coming off the brush and the Isopropanol 70% in the bowl may start to change colour (This is just the makeup coming off and the product working). Continue to swirl for 10 – 20 seconds.

Wipe the bristles on a towel. Considering using an old towel for each time you use your brushes.

In a new dish, fill a small amount of Isopropanol 70% into a shallow dish. Dip the brush into the new dish and swirl around. Pat dry on a towel. Continue the process until no more makeup comes off the brush. This indicates the brush is now clean.

Squeeze and reshape the brushes. Once your brushes a clean, you should squeeze out any excess makeup brush cleaner from the brushes. This will help speed up the drying process. Also don’t forget to reshape the brushes into their normal shape as they will dry like this.

After you have wiped the brush off on the towel, lay it flat to dry or hang upside down. Small brushes will dry quickly however larger brushes may take one or two hours to completely dry.

Surface Disinfectant

Simply spray on a cloth and wipe away the bacteria.

Cleaning Blinds

Wrap an Isopropanol 70% soaked cloth around a spatula, place a rubber band around the cloth.

Clean between the slats of blinds.

Cleaning Whiteboards

Simply spray Isopropanol 91% on a cloth and watch as the stubborn pen marks fade away.

Cleaning Sinks and Chrome

Use Isopropanol 70% to make surfaces clean and shiny.

Disinfecting Mobile Phones, Keyboards & Gaming Controllers

Simply spray on a cloth and wipe away the bacteria.

Removing Stickers

If you have a stubborn sticker, soak a cloth and apply pressure on to the sticker until the sticker is soaking wet. It should begin to come off easier.

Cleaning Stainless Steel

Damp a cloth with Isopropanol 70% and clean any stainless steel.

Cleaning Jewellery

Soak jewellery in Isopropanol 70% to spruce them up.

Remove Stains from Microfibre

If you have any microfibre furniture with stains, you will be pleased to know Isopropanol 70% can help.

Spray a small amount of mist of Isopropanol 70% over the area and wipe it clean with a cloth.

Natural Deodorant

Isopropanol 70% can be used as a natural deodorant.

Repair broken eyeshadow

If you have a crack in your eyeshadow and it has fallen apart, add some Isopropanol 70% and mix. Wait a few hours and your eyeshadow will be ready to use again!


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