Ammonium Iron (III) Sulphate Dodecahydrate 99%


Also known as ferric ammonium sulphate or iron alum and has the appearance of weak violet crystals. It is a weak oxidising agent

  • Waste water treatment
  • Tanning
  • Production of dyestuffs
  • Etching agent in the production of electronic components

Minimum Assay: >99.00%
Molecular Formula: NH4Fe(SO4)2.12H2O
Molecular Weight: 482.25g/mol
Melting Point: 39-41 °C
Storage Temp: 2-8°C
Chloride (CI): <0.002%
Iron (Fe): <0.002%
Lead (Pb): <0.002%
Copper (Cu): <0.002%
Zinc (Zn): <0.005%
Substances not precipitable by NH3 (as Sulphate): <0.1%

Cas Number: 7783-83-7

Einecs Number: 233-382-4

HS Code / Commodity Code: 2833300000

Hazard Phrases: H315,H319

Prec Phrases: P305+P351+P338


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