Buchner Funnel With Sintered Disc, Borosilicate Glass, 40mm, P1


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The Buchner Funnel, Porcelain (Jipo), is a versatile filtration apparatus available in various sizes, ranging from 48mm to 334mm in diameter. Constructed from high-quality porcelain, this funnel is designed for laboratory filtration processes. It features a durable and chemical-resistant material that can withstand a range of laboratory applications. The varied size options make it suitable for a wide range of filtration needs, offering efficient and reliable results. Whether you’re working with small or large quantities, the Buchner Funnel by Jipo provides a dependable solution for your laboratory filtration requirements.

  • Efficiently filters solids from liquids.
  • Enables vacuum filtration.
  • Separates particles from liquids.
  • Ideal for scientific and industrial use.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • Durable porcelain construction.
  • Used with Buchner flask and vacuum source.

Buchner Funnels, Porcelain for Paper 48mm – 334mm, product dimensions as below for each size:

Buchner Funnels, Porcelain for Paper 48mm – 334mm


Product Code Capacity Funnel Diameter Stem Length
FBP48-1 45ml 48mm 43mm
FBP62-1 55ml 62mm 64mm
FBP77-1 70ml 77mm 66mm
FBP97-1 90ml 97mm 71mm
FBP116-1 110ml 116mm 93mm
FBP130-1 125ml 130mm 85mm
FBP156-1 150ml 156mm 96mm
FBP192-1 185ml 192mm 117mm
FBP248-1 240ml 248mm 117mm
FBP296-1 300ml 334mm 133mm
FBP334-1 350ml 334mm 133mm

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