Chromium (III) Nitrate Nonanhydrate 98.5%


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Chromium(III) Nitrate Nonahydrate, with 98.5% purity, is a violet crystalline solid containing nine water molecules per formula unit. It is soluble in water and serves as a catalyst in industrial processes, particularly in dye and pigment production. This compound is distinct from more toxic chromium(VI) compounds. Safety precautions should be followed when handling, and its stable complexes make it valuable in various chemical applications.


Minimum Assay: >98.5%
Molecular Formula: Cr(NO3)3·9H2O     
Molecular Weight: 400.15 g/mol
Melting Point: 60°C

Cas Number: 7789-02-8

Einecs Number: 236-921-1

Hazard Class: 5.1

Hazard Phrases: H272, H315, H319

Prec Phrases: P210, P280, P305, P351, P338, P337, P313


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