Crucible, Low Form (With Lid), Porcelain, 5ml – 50ml



The Academy Crucible, Low Form With Lid, Porcelain, 5ml-50ml is a high-quality laboratory tool designed for heating, melting, and calcining various substances. Made of durable porcelain material, this crucible is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in chemistry, metallurgy, and materials science. The low form factor and lid help to contain and control reactions and minimize loss of materials, making it a reliable and efficient option for laboratory use. Available in sizes ranging from 5ml to 100ml, this crucible is an essential tool for any laboratory or research facility.

  • High-temperature sample heating and analysis.
  • Precise substance measurements and reactions.
  • Controlled evaporation and combustion in chemistry.
  • Essential for laboratory experiments and research.
  • Available in sizes from 5ml to 50ml for various applications.

Crucible, Low Form With Lid, Porcelain
Brand: Academy

Available in 5mm – 100ml, dimensions as below

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