Culture Bottle, Medical Flat, Complete With Cap, 100ml – 500ml


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Introducing the Academy Culture Bottles, designed to meet the specific needs of culture applications. These high-quality clear glass bottles are available in a range of sizes, from 100ml to 500ml, offering flexibility to accommodate different volume requirements. Each bottle comes complete with an aluminum cap (R3/24-28), ensuring a tight and secure seal to prevent leaks or contamination.

The Academy Culture Bottles are meticulously crafted to provide optimal clarity, allowing for easy observation and monitoring of cultures. They are ideal for various applications, such as microbial cultures, tissue cultures, and cell cultures in research laboratories, educational institutions, and medical facilities.

With their robust construction and reliable performance, these culture bottles are designed to withstand demanding conditions and maintain the integrity of your cultures. They are available in convenient pack sizes ranging from single bottles to packs of 10, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Choose the Academy Culture Bottles for their exceptional quality, reliable performance, and suitability for a wide range of culture applications. They are the perfect choice for scientists, researchers, and professionals who prioritize the integrity and success of their culture experiments.

  • Microbial cultures: These culture bottles are suitable for cultivating various types of microbial cultures, including bacteria, fungi, and yeast.
  • Tissue cultures: Use these bottles for growing and maintaining tissue cultures, such as plant tissue cultures or cell lines.
  • Cell cultures: The culture bottles provide a sterile and controlled environment for the growth of cell cultures, facilitating research in cell biology and molecular biology.
  • Laboratory research: These bottles are essential for conducting experiments, testing samples, and carrying out research in various scientific disciplines.
  • Educational purposes: The culture bottles are valuable tools for teaching and learning about microbiology, cell biology, and tissue culture techniques in educational institutions.
  • Medical applications: They can be utilized in medical laboratories for diagnostic purposes, specimen storage, and culture-based medical tests.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: The bottles can be used for producing and storing cultures of microorganisms used in the production of pharmaceuticals, such as vaccines and antibiotics.
  • Quality control: They are ideal for quality control procedures, allowing for the assessment and monitoring of the growth and behaviour of cultures under controlled conditions.
  • Environmental testing: Culture bottles can be employed in environmental testing and analysis to detect and study microorganisms present in soil, water, or air samples.
  • Research and development: These bottles are valuable assets in research and development activities related to microbiology, biotechnology, and bioengineering.

Material: Glass

Cap Material: Aluminium

Volume: 100ml – 500ml

Cap Size: 100ml – 150ml – R3/24, 200ml – 500ml – R3/28

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100ml x 1 Pack, 100ml x 10 Pack, 150ml x 1 Pack, 150ml x 10 Pack, 200ml x 1 Pack, 200ml x 10 Pack, 300ml x 1 Pack, 300ml x 10 Pack, 500ml x 1 Pack, 500ml x 10 Pack