Dropping Funnel, Cylindrical, Glass Stopcock (GLASSCO) 14/23,14/23 25ml-1000ml


The Dropping Funnel by Glassco is a cylindrical laboratory apparatus equipped with a glass stopcock. It is compatible with 14/23 ground glass joints for secure and reliable connections. Available in sizes ranging from 25ml to 1000ml, this glassware is commonly used in laboratory settings for precise liquid dispensing and controlled addition of reagents. It is a trusted tool for various scientific applications, providing accuracy and ease of use for researchers and scientists.

  • Dispensing precise amounts of liquids drop by drop.
  • Conducting titration experiments in chemistry.
  • Adding reagents or solutions to reactions in controlled quantities.
  • Ideal for laboratory setups requiring controlled liquid release.
  • Commonly used in educational and research laboratories for various scientific applications.

Dropping Funnel, Cylindrical with Glass Stopcock

Sizes available: 25ml, 50ml, 100ml
Socket Size: 14/23
Cone Size: 14/23
Brand: Glassco

Dropping Funnel, Cylindrical with Glass Stopcock

Sizes available: 100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml

Socket Size: 19/26
Cone Size: 19/26
Brand: Glassco

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14/23, 25ml, 19/26, 50ml, 14/23, 100ml, 19/26, 100ml, 14/23, 250ml, 19/26, 250ml, 19/26, 500ml, 19/26, 1000ml