Evaporating Dish, Round Bottom, With Spout Borosilicate Glass (SIMAX) 35ml – 2600ml


The Evaporating Dish, Round Bottom, With Spout, made from Borosilicate Glass (SIMAX), is available in various capacities ranging from 35ml to 2600ml. It features a round bottom design with a convenient spout, allowing for efficient evaporation processes. The dish is characterized by its durable Borosilicate Glass construction, which is suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications. With varying sizes to choose from, this evaporating dish provides flexibility for different experimental needs.

  • Evaporation of solvents during chemical reactions
  • Crystallization processes in laboratories
  • Concentration of solutions
  • Heating and drying of substances
  • Recovery of dissolved solids
  • Evaporative techniques in organic synthesis
  • Preparation of samples for analysis
  • Separation of substances based on boiling points
  • Precipitation reactions and recrystallization
  • Recovery of valuable compounds from solutions

Evaporating Dish, Round Bottom, With Spout
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Brand: SIMAX
Available in sizes 35ml – 2600ml, dimensions as follows:

 Product Code   Capacity   Top Diameter   Height 
EDRS35 35 ml 64 mm 29 mm
EDRS90 90 ml 85 mm 39 mm
EDRS180 180 ml 105 mm 62 mm
EDRS400 400 ml 131 mm 49 mm
EDRS800 800 ml 166 mm 80 mm
EDRS1700 1700 ml 206 mm 100 mm
EDRS2600 2600 ml 235 mm 115 mm



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35ml x 1 Pack, 35ml x 10 Pack, 90ml x 1 Pack, 90ml x 10 Pack, 180ml x 1 Pack, 180ml x 10 Pack, 400ml x 1 Pack, 400ml x 10 Pack, 800ml x 1 Pack, 800ml x 8 Pack, 1700ml x 1 Pack, 1700ml x 4 Pack, 2600ml x 1 Pack, 2600ml x 3 Pack