Glass Staining Trough Rectangular 74x105x85mm


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The Glass Staining Trough Rectangular, measuring 74x105x85mm, is a high-quality laboratory apparatus designed for staining and processing glass slides. Made from durable and chemical-resistant materials, this rectangular trough provides a convenient and efficient solution for staining procedures in histology, pathology, and other related applications.

The trough features a spacious interior that accommodates multiple glass slides, allowing for simultaneous staining of batches. Its rectangular shape ensures stability and ease of handling during the staining process. The smooth and flat surface of the trough promotes uniform distribution of staining reagents, facilitating consistent and reliable staining results.

With its precise dimensions, the Glass Staining Trough Rectangular offers compatibility with standard glass slides commonly used in laboratories. It provides a secure and stable platform for holding slides during staining, preventing accidental spills or damage.

This staining trough is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring its long-lasting performance. Its robust construction and chemical resistance make it suitable for use with a wide range of staining solutions and reagents commonly employed in histological and pathological procedures.

The Glass Staining Trough Rectangular is an essential tool for laboratories and research facilities involved in slide staining and preparation. Its reliable performance, practical design, and compatibility with standard glass slides make it a valuable asset in achieving accurate and efficient staining results.

Can be used alongside the SJR-001 Staining Tray

  • Microscopical Staining

Material: Soda Lime Glass

Dimensions: 74mm (H) x 105mm (L) x 85mm (W)

Lid: Yes

Accessories: SJR-001 Staining Rack(not inlcuded)

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