Low Form Conical Beaker (Philips) 150ml – 1000ml


The Low Form Conical Beaker (Philips) is a versatile laboratory container available in sizes ranging from 150ml to 1000ml. These beakers feature a conical shape and are commonly used for various scientific applications. They are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and accuracy in measuring and mixing liquids in laboratory settings. These beakers are an essential tool for researchers, chemists, and scientists working in laboratories, providing precise and reliable measurements for a wide range of experiments and processes.

  • Mixing and preparing solutions
  • Measuring and transferring liquids
  • Conducting chemical experiments
  • Laboratory research and analysis
  • General laboratory tasks
  • Educational purposes in science classrooms
  • Various industrial applications
  • Quality control and testing in manufacturing processes

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Pack Size: 1 – 10 Pack
Colour: Clear

Code Capacity (ml) Outer Diameter
Bottom (mm)
Inner Diameter
Top (mm)
Height (mm)
PBLF150 150 57 40 91
PBLF250 250 68 48 110
PBLF500 500 88 61 145
PBLF1000 1000 112 70.50 184

Additional information

Weight N/A
Pack Size

150ml x 1 Pack, 150ml x 10 Pack, 250ml x 1 Pack, 250ml x 10 Pack, 500ml x 1 Pack, 500ml x 10 Pack, 1000ml x 1 Pack, 1000ml x 10 Pack