Maxi ceramic glass stirrer with heating and probe port, 300x300mm, Falc Instruments


F800 MAXI stirrer has an external metal structure painted with anti-acid epoxy powder coating to get user work with also aggressive materials.
It can work without stirring function becoming like a heating plate thanks to internal fan that avoids overheating.
This model is similar to F800 but with bigger capacity.

Key Features

  • Big volume stirrer with heating
  • The aluminium top grants fast heating and excellent uniformity
  • The plate has anti-corrosive treatment plate to be used with any corrosive substance
  • Digital speed and temperature control
  • Direct continuous motor
  • Internal cooling fan to avoid overheating
  • Optional kit to add on each plate to monitor liquid temperature

General Lab Use

Item Number 601.0122.98
Heating power 1500W
Weight 12Kg
Dimension 335x470x140mm
Security class 1
Protection class IP 41
Stainless shelf 250x250mm
Max stirring capacity 30L
Variable speed 150-1500 RPM
Hole for rod Yes
Thermometer connector Yes
Plate Temperature C +50 to +400
Precision on the plate °C ±3
Motor Power 20W
Stirring bar suggested ø 6x30mm
Precision with probe °C ±1

Additional information

Weight 11400 g