Melting Point Apparatus, Falc Instruments


Economical and easy-use melting point apparatus. Precise temperature control, the measurement range of the device is excellent, giving 0.1ºC resolution on display.

The device is designed to simultaneously measure two samples.  The internal LED light source, together with clear magnified lens and tilt rear feet aids users to have a broader and clearer view of the melt.

Key Features

  • Universal tube 

General Lab Use

Model MP10
Temperature range (ºC ) Ambient to 300
Temperature accuracy (ºC ) ± 1.0 at 20ºC, ± 2.5 at 300ºC
Display  Four digit LED
Display resolution (ºC ) 0.1
Readout hold Yes
Number of samples 2
Fast Stage Ramp rate (ºC/min ) 20 fixed
Slow Ramp rate adjustable between 1 to 10
Dimensions (w x d x h) 160 x 220 x 170mm
Net weight 1.8 Kg
 Electrical supply    230V, 50Hz, 75W

Additional information

Weight 1800 g