Micro-capillary tube glass Transferpettor caps DE-M 100uL 200uL with blue marking


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Designed for precise and efficient liquid handling in laboratory settings. These caps are specifically designed to fit Transferpettor pipettes with a capacity of 100µL and 200µL. The blue marking on the caps provides easy identification and differentiation.

Made from high-quality glass material, these caps ensure excellent chemical compatibility and durability. The micro-capillary tubes offer precise and accurate liquid transfer, allowing for precise measurements and controlled dispensing of samples or reagents. The caps are designed to securely seal the micro-capillary tubes, preventing any leakage or contamination during pipetting procedures.

With a package size of 50 caps, these Transferpettor caps DE-M provide an ample supply for your laboratory needs. Whether used for routine experiments, research applications, or diagnostic procedures, these caps offer reliability and convenience.

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Weight 100 g