Microcrystalline Cellulose 102 USP, BP, Ph.Eur, JP, E460


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Microcrystalline Cellulose (C6H10O5) is a versatile white powder derived from wood pulp, widely used in the UK pharmaceutical and food industries.

It serves as a key ingredient in tablets, capsules, and as an anti-caking agent in various food products, enhancing their texture and flow.


Food Industry

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Description White or almost white, fine or granular powder

Particle size (Retention on 200 mesh) Min 45 %

Particle size (Retention on 60 mesh) Max 8 %

Storage Store away from excessive heat and ignition source. Protect from
moisture, store in dry place preferably outdoors at ambient temperature.
Keep containers tightly closed when not in use

Solubility Practically insoluble in water, acetone, in ethanol, in toulene, in dilute
acid and in a 50g/l solution of sodium hydroxide

Identification IR scan complies with spectrum of reference substance
Substance take violet blue colour
A white, opaque, bubble free dispersion is obtained that does not
produce a supernatant liquid

Degree of Polymerisation Max 350

Identification A (IP) A red colour is produced

Identification B (IP) A blue-purple colour is produced

Solubilty in ammonical solution of

copper tetra mine Soluble

pH 5 – 7.5

Conductivity Max 75 μS/cm

Ether soluble substances Max 0.05 %

Water soluble substances Max 0.24 %

Arsenic Max 2 ppm, mg/kg

Heavy metals Max 10 ppm, mg/kg

Assay 97 – 102 %

Starch (and Dextrin’s) Not detectable

Organic impurities No red colour is produced

Loss on drying Max 6 %

Residue on ignition Max 0.05 %

Bulk Density 0.26 – 0.33 gm/ml

Carboxyl group Max 1 %

Lead Max 2 ppm, mg/kg

Mercury <0.1 ppm, mg/kg

Cadmium <0.5 ppm, mg/kg

Total aerobic microbial count Max 1000 cfu/g
Total yeasts and moulds Max 100 cfu/g
Escherichia Coli Absent in 1g
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Absent in 1g
Staphylococcus aureus Absent in 1g
Salmonella Absent in 10g
Enterobacteriaceae Absent in 1g


According to the supplier, this product is non-irradiated, non-ionized and doesn’t contain any radiological
According to the supplier, this product does not contain any genetically modified ingredients or processing aids.
BSE/TSE Statement
According to the supplier, this product does not contain BSE or TSE.

Vegetarian yes
Vegans yes
Orthodox Jewish Diet (Kosher Certified) yes
Muslim Diet (Halal Certified) yes

This Product Is Not Considered Hazerdous Under General Lab Conditions

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