Organic Chemistry Set 1 – 27, Borosilicate Glass



A general purpose thermal roll printer, the ATP is ideal for use with most balances and scales. Designed to be efficient and compact, the printer occupies minimal space on a bench or tabletop. Operation is simple, with an on/off switch, paper feed button and three LED indicators. Ideal for printing applications, the ATP is able to perform a variety of other commands, such as setting tabs, spacing and carriage return. Users can specify absolute position, select or disable double width, and designate line feed. The printer is preset to work with the default RS232 interface on Adam balances, but adapts easily to work with other equipment.

The Organic Chemistry Set 1 – 27 comprises laboratory glassware made from Borosilicate Glass, offering a comprehensive solution for organic chemistry experiments. This set includes a variety of essential glassware pieces such as beakers, flasks, condensers, and tubes, covering a wide range of laboratory needs. Borosilicate Glass ensures durability and resistance to thermal shock, making these instruments suitable for rigorous experimentation and reactions involving organic compounds. Ideal for educational institutions, research laboratories, and chemical industries, this set provides the necessary tools for conducting organic chemistry experiments with precision and reliability.

  • Comprehensive Organic Chemistry Set 1 – 27
  • Crafted from durable Borosilicate Glass
  • Includes essential glassware like beakers and flasks
  • Designed for organic chemistry experiments
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Suitable for educational institutions and research labs
  • Provides precision and reliability for chemical reactions

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