pH Calibration Buffer Solution traceable to NIST, Yellow, pH 7.0


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Atom Scientific pH7.0 Buffer Solutions are specifically formulated for the calibration and checking of pH instrumentation and electrodes. They provide a reliable and accurate reference point for pH measurements in various applications. Each pack comes with a certificate of analysis, ensuring the quality and consistency of the product.

Its colour-coded design allows easy identification and use. The distinctive colour helps users quickly differentiate between different pH solutions, minimizing the risk of errors during calibration procedures.

At our manufacturing facility, we take great care to produce pH Buffer solutions of the highest quality. Each batch is meticulously manufactured and calibrated to ensure accuracy and consistency. Our pH Buffer solutions are traceable to the primary standards of reference materials selected by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), ensuring the reliability and precision of your pH measurements.

We offer our pH7.0 Buffer Solution in various pack sizes ranging from 500ml to 5L, allowing you to choose the most suitable quantity based on your needs. Whether you require a smaller volume for occasional use or a larger volume for frequent calibrations, our pH7.0 Buffer Solution is available in sizes that cater to different laboratory or industrial requirements.

  • Calibration and verification of pH meters and electrodes
  • Routine pH measurement and monitoring in laboratories
  • Quality control and assurance processes in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment
  • Research and development experiments requiring precise pH control
  • Educational settings for teaching pH concepts and conducting experiments
  • Environmental testing to assess pH levels in soil, water, and other samples
  • Agricultural applications for optimizing soil pH and nutrient uptake in farming
  • Industrial processes where pH control is critical for optimal performance
  • Clinical and medical laboratories for diagnostic and research purposes involving pH measurements
  • Aquaculture and aquarium maintenance to monitor and maintain optimal pH levels for aquatic organisms.

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