Powder Funnel, Wide Stem, Borosilicate Glass (SIMAX) 80mm – 120mm


Simax Funnel, Filling, Short Stem, Borosilicate Glass 3.3

  • Transferring dry powder or granular substances.
  • Filling small bottles or containers accurately.
  • Assisting in laboratory experiments and analysis.
  • Dispensing powdered materials during reactions.
  • Preparing samples for testing and analysis.
  • Aiding in pharmaceutical compounding.
  • Supporting controlled pouring of powders in manufacturing.
  • Used in educational settings for experiments.
  • Various scientific and research applications.
Outer Diameter Top   Stem Diameter   Height
80mm 25mm 75mm
100mm 25mm 95mm
120mm 30mm 110mm

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80mm x 1 Pack, 80mm x 10 Pack, 100mm x 1 Pack, 100mm x 10 Pack, 120mm x 1 Pack, 120mm x 10 Pack