Reagent Bottle, Amber, Narrow Mouth, Glass Stopper, Soda-Lime Glass 50ml – 2000ml


Introducing Academy Amber Reagent Bottles with a narrow mouth and glass stopper, designed to securely store and protect light-sensitive substances. Crafted from high-quality soda-lime glass, these bottles offer excellent chemical resistance and durability.

The amber color of the bottles provides protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, safeguarding the integrity of light-sensitive reagents, solutions, and samples. The narrow mouth design allows for precise pouring, minimizing spills and ensuring controlled dispensing.

Each bottle is equipped with a reliable glass stopper, providing an airtight seal to prevent evaporation and maintain the quality of the contents. The stopper ensures secure storage and easy access to the reagents when needed.

Available in a range of sizes, from 50ml to 2000ml, these Academy Reagent Bottles offer versatility to meet various laboratory and industrial needs. Whether used in chemistry labs, research facilities, educational institutions, or industrial settings, these bottles are a trusted choice for storing and handling a wide range of reagents, chemicals, and solutions.

Academy is a reputable brand known for its commitment to quality and reliability. The Academy Amber Reagent Bottles reflect the brand’s dedication to providing laboratory products that meet stringent standards and deliver excellent performance.

Choose Academy Amber Reagent Bottles for their superior quality, light-protection properties, and reliable sealing capabilities. Safely store and preserve your light-sensitive reagents and solutions with confidence and convenience.

  • Ideal for storing and protecting light-sensitive substances
  • Suitable for storing reagents, chemicals, and solutions in laboratory and industrial settings
  • Commonly used in chemistry labs, research facilities, and educational institutions
  • Provides UV protection for light-sensitive reagents and samples
  • Offers precise pouring and controlled dispensing with the narrow mouth design
  • Ensures airtight storage and minimizes evaporation with the glass stopper
  • Versatile range of sizes available to accommodate different volume requirements
  • Trusted choice for preserving the integrity and quality of reagents and solutions
  • Reliable and durable construction from soda-lime glass for excellent chemical resistance
Product Code Capacity Socket Size Height Diameter
RBANS50  – 50ml  – 14.5/15  – 77mm  – 14.5mm
RBANS100 100ml 14.5/23 103mm 51.5mm
RBANS250 250ml 19/26 131mm 69mm
RBANS500 500nl 24/29 163mm 85mm
RBANS1000 1000nl 29/32 199mm 106.5mm
RBANS2000 2000ml 29/32 245mm 132mm

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Size / Pack Size

50ml – Each, 50ml – 10 Pack, 100ml – Each, 100ml – 10 Pack, 250ml – Each, 250ml – 10 Pack, 500ml – Each, 500ml – 10 Pack, 1000ml – Each, 1000ml – 10 Pack, 2000ml – Each, 2000ml – 10 Pack