Reagent Bottle, Clear, Wide Mouth, Glass Stopper, Soda-Lime Glass, 50ml -5000ml



The Reagent Bottle with Wide Mouth, Glass Stopper, made of soda glass, is a versatile laboratory container designed for convenient storage and handling of various liquid reagents, chemicals, and solutions. Its wide opening allows for easy filling and pouring, while the glass stopper ensures a secure seal to prevent leakage or evaporation. Crafted from durable soda glass, this bottle offers good chemical resistance and transparency for easy content identification. It is commonly used in laboratories, research facilities, and educational institutions for reliable storage and transportation of reagents.

  • Storage of various liquid reagents, chemicals, and solutions
  • Dispensing and pouring of liquids with a wide opening for easy access
  • Suitable for laboratory applications, research, and educational purposes
  • Commonly used in chemistry experiments, pharmaceutical preparations, and quality control analysis
  • Securely seals the contents to prevent leakage or evaporation
  • Allows for easy labelling and identification of the stored substances
  • Resistant to chemical reactions and corrosion, ensuring the integrity of the stored materials
  • Compatible with a variety of solvents, acids, bases, and other liquid substances
  • Provides a reliable and durable container for long-term storage and transportation of reagents
Code Capacity (ml) Outer Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Joint Size
RBCWS50 50 41.50 76 24/20
RBCWS100 100 51.50 95 29/22
RBCWS250 250 69 128 34.5/24
RBCWS500 500 85 162 45/27
RBCWS1000 1,000 106.50 187 60/31
RBCWS2000 2,000 132 238 60/31
RBCWS5000 5,000 181 338 85/55

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Weight N/A
Size / Pack Size

50ml – Each, 50ml – 10 Pack, 100ml – Each, 100ml – 10 Pack, 250ml – Each, 250ml – 10 Pack, 500ml – Each, 500ml – 10 Pack, 1000ml – Each, 1000ml – 10 Pack, 2000ml – Each, 2000ml – 6 Pack, 5000ml – Each, 5000ml – 3 Pack