Retort Ring Support, 60mm – 140mm dia with bosshead


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The Retort Ring Support with bosshead is a laboratory apparatus used to hold various glassware such as flasks, beakers, and funnels securely during chemical experiments. It features an adjustable ring with a diameter ranging from 60mm to 140mm, allowing flexibility in accommodating different sizes of glassware. The attached bosshead provides a stable connection to a laboratory stand, ensuring safe and controlled positioning of the glassware above a heat source or during various lab procedures. This support system is commonly used in chemistry and scientific laboratories for versatile lab setups.

Material: Steel

Code Outer Diameter (mm)
RETRSB100 100
RETRSB120 120
RETRSB140 140

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Base Size / Rod Length

60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm