Sample cup for XRF 31.2 x 38.4 x 28.7mm OD x ht x aperture double open ends


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Double open-ended Cell facilitates sample introduction by filling from the top end. Prepare multiple samples cups in advance with thin-film sample support windows prior to filling. Ideally suitable for non-volatile liquid and loose powdered materials in helium flush or atmospheric conditions.

The Collar provided pre-affixes a thin-film substrate to the Cell in preparation for attaching the furnished locking “Snap-On Ring.” Alternatively, a pre-attached thin-film may be used to support evaporated droplets or micro powdered samples for thin-layered preparations enveloped in between another thin-film with both secured in place by the attachment of the included “Snap-On Ring.”

The “Snap-On Ring” and Cell neck utilize the unique Chemplex® “bead-to-indent” geometry responsible for firmly securing thin-film sample support window planes to the sample cup Cell. In combination they form wrinkle-free sample planes and leak-resistant seals.

• Double Open-ended

• Top sample loading

• “Snap-On Ring” thin-film attachment

• Serrated edged “Snap-On Rings” alternatively available to facilitate thin-film trimming

• Use with Oxford/Hitachi Instruments with and without Aluminium sample holder

• 100 sets per package

HS Code / Commodity Code: 3926909910