Schistosome test kit PC membrane filters 12.0um 13mm


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The Schistosome Test Kit uses the membrane filtration technique for quantification of schistosome eggs in urine.  This kit comes complete with everything needed to carry out fast, accurate tests in the field.

The Schistosome Test Kit Includes:
– 500 polycarbonate screen membrane filters (13 mm diameter, 12 µm pore size)
– 5 plastic Swinnex filter holders (13 mm)
– 2 syringes (10 cc)
– Forceps

Quantification of schistosome eggs in urine

Sterilization Gamma Irradiation or Ethylene Oxide (EtO)
USP Class VI Testing Passed
Thickness 3–30 μm
BSA Protein Binding <5 μg/cm2
Max Operating Temp. 140 °C (284 °F)
Sealing Compatibility Ultrasonic, Heat, Radio Frequency and Insert Molding
Pore Size Range 12 μm
Extractables Very low
pH Range 4-8
Autoclavable Yes (30 minutes at 121 °C)