Separating Funnel, Pear Shape, Glass Stopcock, Glass Stopper, Borosilicate Glass (SIMAX) 50ml – 2000ml


The Separating Funnel is designed with a pear shape and featuring a glass stopcock and glass stopper. Crafted from high-quality Borosilicate Glass (SIMAX), this funnel comes in various sizes ranging from 50ml to 1000ml. Perfect for laboratory and scientific applications, it offers precise control over liquid separation processes.
  • Precise liquid separation in experiments
  • Layering & extracting immiscible liquids
  • Purification in industries
  • Mixtures separation in research
  • Controlled liquid dispensing
  • Efficient filtration & decantation
  • Facilitates phase separation
  • Oil-water separation studies
  • Liquid-liquid extractions
  • Versatile component collection

Shape: Pear Shape
Brand: Simax
Height: 70mm
Material: Borosilicate Glass 

Code  Capacity   Stem Diameter   Bore Size 
SFPR50 50 ml 9 mm 2 mm
SFPR100 100 ml 9 mm 2 mm
SFPR250 250 ml 9 mm 2 mm
SFPR500 500 ml 10 mm 4 mm
SFPR1000 1,000 ml 10 mm 4 mm


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50ml x 1 Pack, 50ml x 4 Pack, 100ml x 1 Pack, 100ml x 4 Pack, 250ml x 1 Pack, 250ml x 2 Pack, 500ml x 1 Pack, 500ml x 2 Pack, 1000ml x 1 Pack, 1000ml x 2 Pack, 2000ml x 1 Pack, 2000ml x 2 Pack