Snap cap clear polythene 22mm diameter 140 Pack


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The 22mm LDPE Snap/Clip Top Closure is specifically designed for use with snap/slip top vials, providing a secure and convenient sealing solution. Made from LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene), this closure is compatible with vials that have a corresponding 22mm neck size.

With its snap/clip top design, this closure offers an easy-to-use sealing mechanism. Simply snap the closure onto the vial’s neck to create a tight and reliable seal. The closure provides a secure fit, preventing leakage and contamination, while also allowing for easy opening and closing when needed.

The LDPE material used in the construction of this closure ensures excellent chemical resistance, protecting the contents of the vials from potential interactions with the closure material. It also offers durability and flexibility, allowing for repeated use without compromising the sealing performance.

Whether in laboratory, research, or industrial settings, the 22mm LDPE Snap/Clip Top Closure provides a reliable sealing solution for snap/slip top vials. Its compatibility with standard 22mm neck sizes and user-friendly snap/clip mechanism make it an essential accessory for sealing and preserving the integrity of valuable samples or substances.

Material: LDPE

Cap Size: 22mm

Pack Size: 140

HS Code / Commodity Code: 3923501000

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Weight 199 g