Stirring Rod With Paddle, Borosilicate Glass (Academy) 125mm – 300mm


The Stirring Rod With Paddle by Academy is a high-quality borosilicate glass tool designed for efficient mixing and stirring. With lengths ranging from 125mm to 300mm, it offers flexibility for various applications. The paddle attachment enhances mixing efficiency, making it ideal for stirring liquids, solutions, and suspensions. Its heat resistance, easy cleaning, and reliable performance make it a trusted choice in labs and research facilities. Upgrade your equipment with this durable and versatile stirring rod for precise and consistent mixing results.

  • Stirring chemicals in labs.
  • Mixing liquids in beakers.
  • Blending ingredients in cooking.
  • Stirring paint or crafts.
  • Mixing skincare products.
  • Preparing pharmaceuticals.
  • Quality control in industries.
  • Creating mixtures in research.

Stirring Rod With Paddle, Borosilicate Glass

Brand: Academy
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Diameter of bar: 6mm

Bar Lengths as per drop down above – Paddle one end

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125mm, 10x125mm, 150mm, 10x150mm, 200mm, 10x200mm, 300mm, 10x300mm