USP Methylene Blue (1% Aqueous) – 100ml Pipette Bottle


Pharmaceutical grade Methylene Blue powder in a 1% solution with Distilled water.

Methylene Blue Stain is a versatile and widely used dye that is provided in a convenient 1% aqueous working solution. It comes in a 100ml glass dropper bottle with a pipette, allowing for easy and precise application.

This stain finds numerous applications in various fields. In microbiology, it is particularly useful for observing metachromasia in bacterial species such as Corynebacteria. Metachromasia refers to the phenomenon where certain bacteria exhibit a colour change when stained with Methylene Blue, providing valuable information about their cellular structures and characteristics.

With its wide range of applications, Methylene Blue Stain is an essential tool for microbiologists, researchers, and aquarium enthusiasts alike. Its reliable staining properties and therapeutic benefits make it a valuable asset in various scientific and aquatic settings.

  • Staining biological specimens in microscopy
  • Determining cell viability and counting cells
  • Assessing microbial growth and vitality
  • Detecting bacteria and fungi in laboratory cultures
  • Marking tissues and surgical margins in medical procedures
  • Testing for leaks in medical devices and plumbing systems
  • Visualizing DNA and RNA in gel electrophoresis
  • Dyeing fabrics and textiles in industrial applications
  • Tracing water and air flow in environmental studies
  • Demonstrating chemical reactions and diffusion in educational experiments

Methylene Blue: <1%

Hazard Phrases: Not considered harmful under normal laboratory conditions


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