Zinc Acetate Anhydrous 97%


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Zinc Acetate Anhydrous 97% is a chemical compound with the formula Zn(CH₃COO)₂. It is commonly known as zinc acetate and is characterized by its anhydrous form, indicating the absence of water molecules. The chemical is composed of zinc ions (Zn²⁺) and acetate ions (CH₃COO⁻). With a purity of 97%, this particular variant of zinc acetate is highly concentrated.

  •  used as a catalyst 
  • used as a reagent

Minimum Assay: >97%
Molecular Formula: (CH3CO2)2Zn
Molecular Weight: 183.48 
Moisture (H2O): <3%
Chloride (Cl): <10mg/Kg
Sulphate (SO4): <10mg/Kg
Cadmium (Cd): <15mg/Kg
Colbalt (Co): <5mg/Kg
Chromium (Cr): <5mg/Kg
Iron (Fe): Nickel (Ni): <5mg/Kg
Lead (Pb): <20mg/Kg

Particle Size: (<150um): >70%
Particle Size: (<1000um): <2%

Cas Number: 557-34-6

Einecs Number: 209-170-2

UN Number: 3077

Hazard Class: 9

Packing Group: 3

Hazard Phrases: H319,H400

Prec Phrases: P280,P305+P351+P338,P273


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