Zinc Acetate Dihydrate 99.9% ACS


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Zinc Acetate Dihydrate 99.9% ACS exists in the form of a white crystalline powder and is composed of zinc cations and acetate anions. This compound is widely used in laboratory settings and analytical chemistry due to its consistent purity, making it suitable for precise and reliable experimental results. Zinc Acetate Dihydrate is commonly employed as a reagent in various chemical reactions, including those involving the synthesis of organic compounds.


Wood Preservation

Research and Laboratory Applications

Meets Analytical Specification of DAB, E650

Minimum Assay: >99.9%
Molecular Formula:  Zn(CH3COO)2 · 2H2O
Molecular Weight: 219.50
Melting Point: 237 deg C

Cas Number: 5970-45-6

Einecs Number: 209-170-2

UN Number: 3077

Hazard Class: 9

Hazard Phrases: H302,H319,H400,H410

Prec Phrases: P273,P280i,P305+P351+P338,P301+P312a,P337+P313,P501a



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