Bell Jar With Ground Flange, Knob Type, Borosilicate Glass (Simax) 150×250 – 200×350


The Bell Jar with Ground Flange, Knob Type, made from Borosilicate Glass (Simax), comes in sizes ranging from 150×250 to 200×350. This laboratory apparatus features a ground flange for a secure seal and a knob-type handle for easy handling. Borosilicate Glass construction ensures durability and resistance to temperature changes, making it suitable for various laboratory applications such as vacuum experiments, desiccation, and sample protection from external contaminants.

– Borosilicate Glass Bell Jar
– Ground flange for a secure seal
– Knob-type handle for easy handling
– Sizes range from 150×250 to 200×350
– Ideal for vacuum experiments
– Suitable for desiccation processes
– Protects samples from external contaminants

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Manufacturer: SIMAX
Cover Included: No

Code Outer Diameter  Height 
GJWC50150 50mm 150mm
GJWC50200 50mm 200mm
GJWC50250 50mm 250mm
GJWC60150 60mm 150mm
GJWC60200 60mm 200mm
GJWC60300 60mm 300mm
GJWC80300 80mm 300mm


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150×250, 150×250 x 2 Pack, 180×300, 200×300, 200×350