Dreschel Bottle / Head, Gas Washing Bottle, Borosilicate Glass (SIMAX) 100ml – 1000ml


The Dreschel Bottle or Gas Washing Bottle is an essential laboratory equipment for conducting gas absorption experiments. This bottle is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is highly resistant to thermal shock, chemical corrosion, and physical damage. The bottle has a capacity of 100ml, and it comes with a 29/32 joint size for easy attachment to the reaction apparatus.

The bottle is designed with a unique shape that enhances the surface area exposed to gas, which ensures maximum absorption efficiency. Additionally, the bottle features a precision ground glass joint and a sturdy glass stopper that provide an airtight seal and prevent leakage during experiments. The wide opening on the bottle’s top makes it easy to add or remove chemicals, while the side-arm accommodates the addition of the inlet and outlet tubes.

This gas washing bottle is suitable for use in a variety of chemical and biological applications that require gas absorption, including air pollution monitoring, wastewater treatment, and chemical synthesis. The durable construction and high-performance design of this bottle ensure reliable and consistent performance in the laboratory.

  • Used in chemistry experiments for the preparation of gases or for the collection of gases produced during a reaction
  • Can be used in combination with a gas washing bottle to remove impurities or moisture from gases
  • Used for the storage and transport of gases
  • Can be used in microbiology to hold and culture bacteria or other microorganisms
  • Used in environmental monitoring to collect and measure air or water samples
  • Used in pharmaceutical and biotech industries for the preparation and storage of solutions or culture media
  • Can be used in food and beverage industries for the collection and analysis of gases produced during fermentation processes
  • Used in research and development for various purposes such as product development, quality control, and testing.

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