Gas Jar, Without Cover, Borosilicate Glass (SIMAX) 50×150 – 80×300


Gas Jar, Without Cover, Borosilicate Glass (SIMAX), available in various sizes. These gas jars are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and resistance to thermal stress. Ideal for conducting experiments, collecting gases, and observing reactions in a laboratory setting. The wide range of sizes offers versatility for different applications. Note: Covers are not included with these gas jars.

  • Holding gases during experiments
  • Collecting and measuring gas samples
  • Creating controlled gas environments
  • Observing gas reactions and properties
  • Conducting gas displacement experiments
  • Testing gas solubility in liquids
  • Demonstrating gas density variations
  • Studying gas diffusion and effusion
  • Investigating gas pressure changes
  • Conducting experiments in chemistry and physics labs
  • Teaching students about gas behavior and properties

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Manufacturer: SIMAX
Cover Included: No

Code Outer Diameter  Height 
GJWC50150 50mm 150mm
GJWC50200 50mm 200mm
GJWC50250 50mm 250mm
GJWC60150 60mm 150mm
GJWC60200 60mm 200mm
GJWC60300 60mm 300mm
GJWC80300 80mm 300mm


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50×150 x 1 Pack, 50×150 x 10 Pack, 50×200 x 1 Pack, 50×200 x 10 Pack, 50×250 x 1 Pack, 50×250 x 8 Pack, 60×150 x 1 Pack, 60×150 x 10 Pack, 60×200 x 1 Pack, 60×200 x 10 Pack, 60×300 x 1 Pack, 60×300 x 8 Pack, 80×300 x 1 Pack, 80×300 x 6 Pack