Greensand Plus Filtration Media


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Greensand Plus Filtration Media is a potent water treatment material, recognised for its capability in eliminating iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulphide from water supplies. Through an oxidation-filtration process, it ensures cleaner, odour-free water.

This versatile media is ideal for diverse applications, promising efficient water purification and enhanced water quality.

water treatment and purification purposes.

Physical Form – Black, nodular granules shipped in a dry form
Apparent Density – 88 pounds per cubic foot net
Shipping Weight – 90 pounds per cubic foot gross
Specific Gravity – Approximately 2.4
Porosity – Approximately 0.45
Screen Grading (dry) – 18 X 60 mesh
Effective Size – 0.30 to 0.35 mm
Uniformity Coefficient – Less than 1.60
pH Range – 6.2-8.5 (see General Notes)
Maximum Temperature – No limit
Backwash Rate – Minimum 12 gpm/sq. ft. at 55ºF (see expansion chart)
Service Flow Rate – 2 – 12 gpm/sq. ft.
Minimum Bed Depth – 15 inches of each media for dual media beds
or 30 inches of GreensandPlus alone

Cas Number: 14808-80-7

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