Pipette, Bulb Form, One Mark, Class A, Soda Glass, 1ml – 100ml


The Glassco Pipette, Bulb Form, One Mark, Class A, adhering to ISO 648 and DIN 12691 standards, is a precision instrument crafted from high-quality AR Glass, also known as Borosilicate Glass. Available in a range from 1ml to 100ml, this pipette is designed for accurate and reliable liquid measurement in laboratory applications. Its bulb form and one-mark design contribute to ease of use, ensuring precise dispensing for scientific experiments and analytical processes. Trustworthy and versatile, the Glassco Pipette meets stringent quality standards for laboratory instrumentation.

  • Accurate liquid measurement in labs
  • Precise one-mark design
  • Ideal for experiments and analysis
  • Range from 1ml to 100ml
  • High-quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Meets ISO 648, DIN 12691 standards
  • Reliable for lab use

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Size / Pack

1ml – Each, 2ml – Each, 5ml – Each, 10ml – Each, 15ml – Each, 20ml – Each, 25ml – Each, 50ml – Each, 100ml – Each