Porcelain Disc For Desiccator, 90mm – 290mm


The Porcelain Disc for Desiccator is a circular, heat-resistant accessory designed for desiccators. Available in sizes ranging from 90mm to 290mm, this porcelain disc provides a sturdy and inert surface for supporting substances within the desiccator. Its heat-resistant properties make it suitable for a range of laboratory applications, ensuring effective moisture removal. The various size options offer flexibility to accommodate different desiccator dimensions, making it a versatile tool for controlled environments in scientific settings.

  • Circular porcelain disc for desiccators
  • Available in sizes from 90mm to 290mm
  • Provides a heat-resistant and inert surface
  • Supports substances within the desiccator
  • Facilitates effective moisture removal
  • Versatile for various laboratory applications
  • Ideal for creating controlled environments in scientific settings

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90mm x 1 Pack, 90mm x 10 Pack, 140mm x 1 Pack, 140mm x 10 Pack, 189mm x 1 Pack, 189mm x 5 Pack, 241mm x 1 Pack, 241mm x 5 Pack, 290mm x 1 Pack, 290mm x 5 Pack