Potassium Metabisulphite 97%


Potassium Metabisulphite 97%: White crystalline powder, versatile preservative, antioxidant, and disinfectant. Used in food, beverage, winemaking, and water treatment. Prevents oxidation and microbial growth for product preservation. Handle with care and follow safety guidelines.

  • Reducing agent in chemical reactions
  • Preservative and antioxidant in analysis
  • pH adjustment in certain reactions
  • Participates in oxidation-reduction processes
  • Used in polymerization reactions
  • Metal surface treatment and passivation
  • Component in photographic developers
  • Studied as an antioxidant in research

CAS Number: 16731-55-8

EINECS: 240-795-3

Molecular Weight: 222.32

Molecula Formula: K2S2O5

Physical Description: White Crystalline Powder

Solubility (2% in water): Clear, Colourless Solution

Iron (Fe) <10ppm

Selenium (Se): <5ppm

Arsenic (As): <3ppm

Lead (Pb): <2ppm

Mercury (Hg) <1ppm

Heavy Metals (as Pb): <10ppm

Cas Number: 16731-55-8

Einecs Number: 240-795-3

Hazard Phrases: H318,EUH031

Prec Phrases: P280,P305+P351+P338


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