Reagent Bottle, Square, Wide Mouth, Amber, Glass Stopper, Soda-Lime Glass, 100ml – 500ml


The Amber Reagent Bottle features a narrow mouth and a plastic stopper, crafted from durable Soda-Lime Glass. Available in capacities ranging from 50ml to 2000ml, it provides an ideal storage solution for light-sensitive substances in laboratory settings. The amber color helps protect the contents from UV light degradation, while the narrow mouth and plastic stopper ensure secure containment and easy access. Suitable for a variety of reagents and chemicals, this bottle is a versatile asset in scientific research and experimentation.

  • Secure storage for light-sensitive substances
  • Crafted from durable Soda-Lime Glass
  • Amber color protects contents from UV light
  • Narrow mouth and plastic stopper for secure containment
  • Available in capacities from 50ml to 2000ml
  • Versatile use for storing reagents and chemicals in laboratories

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100ml x 1 Pack, 100ml x 10 Pack, 150ml x 1 Pack, 150ml x 10 Pack, 250ml x 1 Pack, 250ml x 10 Pack, 350ml x 1 Pack, 350ml x 10 Pack, 500ml x 1 Pack, 500ml x 10 Pack