Reagent Bottle, Clear, Narrow Mouth, Glass Stopper, Soda-Lime Glass 50ml – 2000ml


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Introducing the Academy Reagent Bottles, made of high-quality clear soda-lime glass that is ideal for safely storing and transporting a wide range of liquids and chemicals. These bottles feature a narrow mouth design that is perfect for precise pouring, and a glass stopper that provides a secure seal to prevent any unwanted leaks or spills. Available in sizes ranging from 50ml to 2000ml, these reagent bottles are versatile and can be used in a variety of laboratory settings. The clear glass construction allows for easy identification and monitoring of the contents, while the soda-lime glass material provides excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical corrosion. These bottles are a reliable and durable choice for any lab or scientific application, and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius.


  • Used for storage and dispensing of various chemicals, reagents, and solvents in laboratories.
  • Suitable for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
  • Can be used for sample collection and storage in environmental and water testing laboratories.
  • Widely used in educational and research institutions for experimental purposes.
  • Also commonly used in industrial applications for storing and dispensing various liquids.
  • Can be used in the food and beverage industry for storing and dispensing liquids and additives.
  • Suitable for use in cosmetic and personal care product manufacturing for storing and dispensing various ingredients.
  • Also used in the production of paints, coatings, and other chemical products.

Reagent Bottle, Clear, Narrow Mouth, Glass Stopper, Soda-Lime Glass

Available in 7 sizes, with dimensions as follows:

Brand: Academy


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50ml x 1 Pack, 50ml x 10 Pack, 100ml x 1 Pack, 100ml x 10 Pack, 250ml x 1 Pack, 250ml x 10 Pack, 500ml x 1 Pack, 500ml x 10 Pack, 1000ml x 1 Pack, 1000ml x 10 Pack, 2000ml x 1 Pack, 2000ml x 10 Pack